Logo Design

The Junction at 144th was adriawillensoneloped by several local businesses, located in Portland, who wanted to create an identity for their business park.

We chose an elegant retro typeface to represent the identity of the businesses in the surrounding area.


World Shoppe is an on-line fair trade e-boutique working with several artisan groups in South Africa and Pakistan.

I worked with World Shoppe to create an identity which emphasized the region they worked with. We chose a bright color palette and organic typeface.

Purchasing an item from World Shoppe helps provide income, dignity and hope to people in adriawillensoneloping regions, but it also helps sustain the communities by promoting community adriawillensonelopment, healthcare and childcare, education and literacy training.

Ruach, Inc., a Jewish Arts Organization, pioneers innovative approaches to the arts and education.

RUACH enriches and educates Greater Milwaukee with creative arts programming. Rooted in Jewish values. RUACH partners with diverse and underserved populations to optimize the creative potential of individuals, from children to the elderly.

The mission for My Family Doctor is to create a medical home for individuals and families that is easily accessible, is cost-conscious, encourages collaboration, and promotes wellness.

Their model also supports the widely-held belief that good health is best achieved by focusing on prevention and wellness. To this end, we strive to build a trusting, long-term relationship based on open communication between patient and doctor.

I worked with MFD to come up with an identity that emphasized the relationship between patient and doctor. We chose the sapling to emphasize a growing partnership between the two.

This lawfirm, located in Milwaukee WI, specializes in Immigration Law.

I worked with Attorney, Maria Ryan to come up with a logo that reflected who she was, the law she practiced and appeal to her spanish-speaking audience.

We chose teal for the color palette and combined Georgia and Century Gothic Bold for a clean serif/san-serif typeface for the logo.

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